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Paying tribute to the typographic diversity and production methods of the Nineteenth century, the Pyte Foundry offered a weekly free-font every Monday of the year 2016. The aim was not historical accuracy, but rather to revive the spirit of the era following The Industrial Revolution, which is often neglected by the narrative of typographic history.

The Pyte Foundry 2016 Back Catalogue

The Pyte Foundry 2016 Back Catalogue. Available for licensing on request: mail@thepytefoundry.net.

The constant strive for stylistic innovation in the 1800s led to designs showing an immense degree of imagination. Nonchalantly referring this vibrant period — moving between revival, tribute and parody — the Pyte Foundry aspires to digitally reintroduce some of these typographic eccentricities without indulging in unnecessary nostalgia.

A total overview of the 2016 Back Catalogue is available here (.pdf); individual typefaces can be licensed on request via mail@thepytefoundry.net.

The Pyte Legacy Library comprises a curated selection of this 2016 Free-Fount Galore of Display Typefaces. The typefaces in this growing collection are completely overhauled from the 2016 versions and come with an extended Character Set as shown in the Specimen Sheet (.pdf).


By purchasing Fonts from The Pyte Foundry you agree and promise to comply to the terms stated in the End User License Agreement.

Payment is processed using Stripe. A download link to the font files (.otf, .woff) and a receipt stating the scope of your license will be sent via email.

Test Fonts

The Test Fonts come with a full character set and functional OpenType features. They are delivered as Dektop fonts only and are solely to be used for evaluation purpose.

By downloading the Test Fonts you agree and promise to comply to the terms stated in the Test Font License Agreement.

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